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January 2011


For My Junior High School's homepage Blog

The weather was still very nice in November, so I wanted to go out and enjoy the sun.

One nice day I visited Kyoto with Andrew Sensei (Kutsuki Junior High School's teacher).


It was a fun day - I met Ken Ketsu by Kyoto City Hall.


Ken Ketsu is my favorite mascot - he is the mascot for 'giving blood'.

I also sat on a Police motorbike for a picture - it was very big and heavy!


Then we walked by the river to Gin-kaku Ji (The Silver Pavilion).


The Silver Pavilion is NOT Silver - it is made of wood, but it is very pretty.

There is a very nice garden by the pavillion too.


We also went hiking (walking) in November.

We visited a place near Takarazuka with a nice walking path on an old train line.

The train line closed many years ago - there are no train now!

Walking on train lines is very dangerous, so it was exciting to walk down old train tunnels and over an old train bridge with no trains.


After the walk we went to Takarazuka and visited the Osamu Tezuka manga museum.

Astro Boy is famous even in England, and it was nice to see many old comics from Osamu Tezuka - some had English names.



I enjoy visiting Kyoto in November because there is beautiful momiji everywhere.

I went to a market in a temple near the train station.

The market was very big and there were many people buy and selling things.


I saw many interesting old Japanese toys, photographs and decorations.


I really liked these 'namennayo neko' cards - so I bought them :-)


In the afternoon we went to Kiyomizu Diera.

The momiji there was really bright and colorful too.


The next week I went to Koka to see the Shigaraki Tanuki.


The momiji in Koka was even more beautiful than in Kyoto.

I was surprised how red it was.


I took these pictures at the Ninja Mura (Ninja village) in Koka.

I went there with three friends.

We tried to throw ninja stars at paper targets.

It was difficult but fun, I was lucky and hit the target two times.


I think Autumn (Fall) is my favorite season in Japan.

It's not too hot or too cold and it is very pretty.


Now we have a lot of snow and it is very cold - I want the November weather again!!!

Next time I will write about Cristmas and New Year.
See you,

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