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January 2012


For My Junior High School's Homepage Blog

This Summer I had a chance to try some great new sports and activities.

First, I was invited to go the BSC Water Sports Centre near Katata to try windsurfing!


I went with some friends, it was our first time windsurfing.

It was difficult to stand on the board and we fell in the water many times.


We got tired and sunburnt, but it was a lot of fun!

My next trip was to Shikoku to try 'white water rafting' and 'shower climbing'.

I don't have any photos from rafting, but it was very exciting.

I have been rafting 3 times before, in the UK, Bali and Slovakia, but this was my first time shower climbing.

In shower climbing you do an 'action course' in a mountain river!


We had to climb, jump and swim.


The best part was going down a high waterfall.


In Shikoku we also visited an old bridge.

It was very high and you could see the river under your feet!


My last new sport of the summer was 'zip lining'.

I went with my friends, Andrew and Roxy.

We went to Biwako valley for zip lining.


There were 7 lines on the course.

The highest was 23 meters high, and the longest was 105 meters long.


Zip lining is fun and easy to do.

The best thing is flying like superman - it feels great!!

Andrew Roxy Damon

Trying new things is always great fun, and in Japan I have many chances to try new things!

The next report will be my Autumn report where I also did many interesting things.

I went Kayaking with the school, exploring caves in Taga and watched Ukai (cormorant fishing) in Uji.

Please read about that next time!

(Coming soon I promise!)

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