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March 2011


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I didn't write a new blog report here for a long time - ごめんなさい!

So today will be a quick review of Christmas, New Year and the beginning of 2011.

In December I visited Osaka twice (two times).


The first time visit was to see the German Christmas market.

There were very nice illuminations and nice things to eat.



We also saw a concert of Christmas songs.


The second visit was to see Osaka Zoo.

I like animals very much and have visited many zoos in Japan.

We saw many birds, snakes, lizards, lions, tigers and much more!






There are many bears in Osaka zoo, but my favorite was the Polar Bear (White Bear).

He looked very happy and was playing in the water.

We watched him for a long time.


I was in Imazu with Haru and Andrew Sensei (from Kutsuki Junior High School) on Christmas Day.

I cooked a big Christmas dinner for everybody and we watched a Christmas movie together.

My favorite Christmas present this year was these books.


'Kwaidan' is full of Japanese ghost and yokai stories, and 'Ninja Attack' is all about real ninjas from history.

I really like books like these and I enjoyed reading them.

For New Year I travelled to Hirakata and stayed with Haru and her family.

We ate Osechi - which was very new for me.


In Slovakia there are many fireworks at New Year and it is very noisy.

In Japan there are no fireworks and it was very quiet I was surprised!

In the morning we went to the local temple to pray.

It was VERY busy and we had to wait for a long time.



After we prayed and got blessed, it was time to go home.

In January there was a lot of snow in Shiga Ken and it was very cold!

The good thing about this is you can snowboard - which is fun!


I don't travel so much in the winter (it's too cold so I like to stay home and watch movies or study Japanese).

But my friends in the Satoyama group had a nice event in January so I went too.

We made a fire and special decorations from clay.

I made a leaf and an owl.


Then we cooked bread on the fire, and ate soup and sweet potatos.

It was delicious and warm.


This event was great fun and a very welcome bit of warmth in the middle of a cold winter.

Next time, February and March.

More snow, yokai, temples and fire walking.

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