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May 2011


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April is always a beautiful time to see Japan.

For a few days, all across the country, the cherry trees are blooming and everything is pink.

I love the Japanese word - hanami (in English - 'flower viewing') and enjoy going out to see the flowers.

Kyoto has many good hanami spots and it's easy for us to visit them.


These pictures were taken on the 'Tetsugaku no michi' in Kyoto.

We also went to see the cherry blossom in Takashima.

I borrowed a double kayak, and we out on the lake to see the blossom from the water.

It was a very nice way to enjoy 'hanami' and it was a lovely day!



Golden week is in May, and I visited Taga.

Last year I helped with bat research in the Taga caves with people from Taga museum, and this year I wanted to help again.


It was really nice to meet Maeda San and Abe San again.

We caught and studied around 70 bats this year (a few more than last year).


We caught tube nose bats (left) and horse-shoe nose bats (right).


I helped to move the bats to a safe place after we studied them.

I got some really nice photos too.



I really enjoyed helping and I want to go again next year.

This May I also saw a robot event in Osaka.

It was called 'Robo-cup'.

The robots were all made by students.

These are from Junior High students,


and these are from University students (The white robot below is a robot you can buy, the students didn't make it).


There were many other robots there too.


Most of the robots were playing 'football' (though not all the robots had legs), but some robots danced, or helped people - like these.

Robot dance routine.


This cat has a robot inside!

My favourites were the small black robots that played football.

They were very fast and funny to watch.

They often fall down, but they can stand up too!

'Oh, wow!'

More robots falling and standing up.

Goal attack.


Lastly, my BIG news.

In June I am going back to England (and the Czech Republic) for two weeks.


Because Haru and I are going to get married on June 11th :-)

I'm very excited and happy, and I hope we will have a beautiful wedding.

I will be back in Japan on June 18th and will show you all some photos from our trip and wedding then.

Wish me luck!

All the best,

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