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July 2010


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After 'Golden Week' I still had some time for fun trips in May.

I don't meet the other JET teachers often, but in May I went to Kyoto with Kitty Sensei, Ryan Sensei and Ryan's friend Brian. We visited 'The Golden Pavilion' (Kinkakuji).


'The Golden Pavilion' is very famous around the world, and it is very beautiful. I was surprised to learn that it is not old! The old pavilion was burned in a fire in 1950, the new pavilion was built in 1955.



This was my second visit to the pavillion, I came here 3 years ago on holiday with my good friend Nik - I am wearing the same T-shirt on both visits!!!


I also visited the movie village in Kyoto (Eiga Mura), it has many old style streets and buildings.
They make TV shows and movies here. There are many costumes from popular Japanese shows like Kamen Rider.


The most interesting thing for me were the people dressed in costumes. Cosplay is very popular in Japan, and it is interesting to see the great costumes people make.






I was very impressed with the hard work to design and make these costumes. In August I want to go to Nagoya for the 'World Cosplay Championships'.

I also saw some traditional Japanese 'costumes' when I went to my friends wedding in Takashima!

I didn't know what clothes Japanese people wear for a traditional wedding, and I wanted to see. So I was happy to be invited to the wedding. My friend wore a traditional white Kimono, and her husband wore a green robe (because he is a Priest!).




This was the first Japanese style wedding I have seen, so it was very interesting for me.

We also had the school sports day in June, all the students trained hard and practiced to do their best on the day!


Many things were the same as an English school sports day (running races and relays), but some things were very Japanese and new for me. In Japanese schools large group activities are popular; like this race with many students running tied together at the ankle.


Team work is very important in this game. Also in this event where whole classes jump rope together. We don't do this in England.


Now summer is coming, and the weather is nice, it is a great time for studying all the animals that live around Lake Biwa too.

I am very interested in all animals and I love living in a place like Imazu with many birds, animals, fish and insects. You can see many things if you explore a little. In one day of searching I found many things: for example; frogs, newts, crayfish and much more.





For the best insects though I had to wait for the sun to go down and night to come.


Fireflies!! They are also very difficult to take photographs of, but I tried hard and took these pictures!



I was excited to see fireflies as well, this is the first time I have seen fireflies. They are quite magical, glowing in the dark rice fields.

Fireflies are not the only insects you can find at night, so with Kurumi Sensei I took some students out one night to see what we could catch with a black light trap.

We studied many different insects together.


My favorite insect was this bright blue one, I kept him in my flat for a few days to study - then I put him outside again.


That's all for today,
I hope you enjoyed reading,

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