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September 2010


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Hello Everybody!

Now it's September and we are back at school again, but I had a very interesting summer holiday.

This year I went to Bali for my holiday.

Bali is a small island south of Japan, and is part of Indonesia, we flew there from Osaka airport.


I wanted an action holiday so we did many activities in Bali.

The first day we went river rafting on the river Ayung.

It was very exciting and a lot of fun, sometimes the water was very fast and there were many rocks.

We stopped by a waterfall on the river with beautiful rock carvings and took some pictures.


After rafting we visited an elephant park. They have many elephants from Indonesia here, they have nowhere to live in Indonesia now because people cut down the forest so some of the elephants came to Bali and live here now.

I could ride an elephant for the first time, it was very nice and relaxing. I also helped with the elephant show, holding numbers for an elephant to do math.


The next day we travelled across the island to go scuba diving. We say many beautiful places as we travelled, there are many rice fields like in Japan but the trees are very different. We also saw Bali's monkeys and an big mountain that is really a volcano.


Scuba diving was wonderful. I have not dived for six years and I was very happy to dive again.

We saw many colorful fish and plants. We even saw a Baracuda - whih is a dangerous fish with sharp teeth. We saw it inside an old ship called the S.S. Liberty. It was an American ship in World War II, it was hit by a Japanese torpedo. The people on the ship got to Bali and were safe, but later the boat sank here.




The other days we visited the beaches to try surfing and drove around the island sightseeing.


We saw many interesting historical buildings, like temples and shrines.


My favorite place was Pura Tanah Lot, a nice shrine by the sea. It was really beautiful in the evening light.




The holiday went very fast and soon it was time to fly back to Japan.

When I got back to Osaka I got on a train and wen to Nagoya for the world Cosplay Summit.

I really like cosplay, it is so creative, imaginative and fun. So this was a great event for me, every year for 2 days Nagoya is full of Cosplayers from all around the world.

There were so many people in amazing costumes.




There is a big stage show with cosplayers from 15 different countries as well.


This year the Italian team won the big prize - they had costumes from the Zelda games.


Everybody was happy for them and cheered very loud.

It was a perfect end to a great holiday.

I hope you had a good holiday too.

See you in school soon!

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